Image map

An image map is simply a way to turn a large picture (gif, jpg,...) into a set of user-friendly links. These links can be used to guide a user around a larger site while providing a visually appealing display at the same time. Image maps work by identifying sets of coordinates within the picture. Each of these coordinates becomes a link. Because identifying coordinates is complex and time consuming, I recommend using an HTML editor like Claris Homepage to make an image map. Claris offers a set of easy-to-understand directions for making such a map.

The image map below provides lots of external links(links to sites outside your own) in the format of a small town. To opperate a link just move the mouse cursor over the building you wish to investigate.

Welcome to small town America. Feel free to stroll through our streets and browse through our shops and businesses. Many of our buildings will seem take you away to a whole other place when you enter their doors. So, stop on by and stay a spell...

treasury department  Central Park Macy's Department Store Regal Cinemas U.S. Postal Service


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