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This page contains activities that teachers can use with their students.

Editor's Idea Corner

*A Trip to Owl Creek Bridge

 This group bonding activity for intermediate or higher level students, practices descriptive as well as narrative skills.It is a fluency activity that enhances student's speaking, listening, and grammar skills in a highly communicative way. I suggest this activity be done around the fifth week of class after students have begun to form relationships with one another.

*Telling it Like it is with Tobermory

This activity for beginning and intermediate level students is connected to a story by Saki entitled Tobermory. Tobermory is a cat who learns to speak and makes the mistake of telling a room full of gossiping party guests exactly what he heard them say about one another. Along the same lines, this activity teaches students how to use figurative language to talk about their classmates.

*The Road Kill Cafe'

Road Kill Café
(A strange bit O' American culture)
Skills benefits: Writing road kill recipes is good practice for developing your instructional skills, using connecting words, and two-part verbs. Furthermore this activity is a really good vocabulary builder and has the added benefit of allowing you to use and develop your imagination.

*Dust in the Wind

'Dust in the Wind' is a listening assignment that can be used with a beginning to low intermediate level class. It is a cloze test style activity. You will need a copy of the song 'Dust in the Wind' by Kansas. This can be downloaded in MP3 format from: Dust
Click here: More Songs to download more song lyrics.

For more ideas & lesson plans click on the following links to download:
  • a one week set of lesson plans for intermediate-level students entitled: Leading a Class Discussion in which students lead a 15 - 20 minute discussion. This set of plans includes lessons on choosing and narrowing a good topic, selecting and using interesting presentation material, and creating fact-based and opinion-based discussion questions.

  • a jigsaw reading/writing lesson and activity entitled: Alan's Terrible Day incorporating perfective verb aspect, narration, group work and peer correction.


page last modified: March 15, 2014

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