Choosing a Background

1. Use the internet to find a sight that offers free background images. (Use to 
   search. I suggest using free backgrounds as your search words)...or go to | Luis Castaneda | Kewl Clip Art

2. Right click on the background image that you want and save it to your desktop.

3. Upload it to your geocities filemanager. Remember the name of the file.
     for example: ppbk001.jpg

4. Open your web page in a second browser window (File.....New......Navigator window.)

5. Open Netscape Composer to edit that page. (File.......Edit page....)

6.  In Composer click on the Image button at the top of the page. A big box will open.

7.  In the white rectangle under the words Image location -Enter a remote URL or local file, type 
    the address that will take you to the place your background is stored. In our case the
     background image has been stored in the filemanager of our geocities account.
     for example:
      The address above leads to the exact location of the background image used on this lesson 

8.  After typing the URL address into the white rectangle, press the Apply button and then the
     Close button.

9. The background image should appear as a somewhat small rectangle or square on your screen. 
    It does not fill the entire screen. Put the mouse cursor over the image until it becomes a hand. 
    Right click and select make this the background image from the menu.

10. Be sure to delete the smaller version of the background image from your screen.