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Some useful web sites

Lessons, Activities and Links
  • Activities: (Student Center) This useful site provides a number of good activities focusing on all the skills. These activities are suitable for all skill levels, so come check em out.

  • Grammar Explanations:This is a collection of pages that are still being developed, but currently have a good explanation of how to teach the entire verb tense system in an easy to understand way. I've used this approach for years in my classes, and students are usually able to learn the 12 tense forms as well as how to correctly use them in a little over two weeks of class. This includes both time for lessons, and practices.

  • Abridged Short Stories:This is the beginning of a collection of short stories that I've modified and used in my classes with many levels and over many years.

  • Listening & Speaking: Lessons, Practices, and Assessments on note-taking, syllables, vowels, pronouncing [/s/, /z/, and /ez/] word endings,...

  • Discusssion Questions:This work in progress contains a set of discussion questions for a number of popular short stories. - [under construction]

  • ELI at the University of Florida:Looking for a really great site filled with activities for your students?; then this is the place for you. I spent the first few years of my professional career at UF's ELI and built their web site.

  • Integrated Skills lesson Plans

  • a one week set of lesson plans for intermediate-level students entitled: Leading a Class Discussion in which students lead a 15 - 20 minute interactive discussion. This set of plans includes lessons on choosing and narrowing a good topic, selecting and using interesting presentation material, and creating fact-based and opinion-based discussion questions.
  • a jigsaw reading/writing lesson and activity entitled: Alan's Terrible Day incorporating perfect verb tense, narration, group work and peer correction.

    Book Suppliers
  • Good Books:This helpful site contains a listing of several really good short story collections which I used while teaching in Korea.

  • Linguistics Funland's TESL Page:If you're looking for a good online bookstore for those hard-to-get ESL/EFL books, check out the Linguistics Funland's bookstore.

  • Project GutenburgThis site contains an excellent archive of online fiction and non-fiction material.


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